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SHADOW – Peer to peer shadowing: A pilot project for foreign language and culture learning


From June 10 to 13, 2021, the Shadow project will bring together at the University of Milan the 21 international students who participated in the innovative teaching experience. Several individual and plenary activities will take place to collect and analyze the data of the project that took place in 2020/21 thanks to the co-funding of the Erasmus+ program of the European Union (grant agreement No 612621).

Students and faculty are invited on 11/6/2021:

A1 (S. Alessandro) H. 10.30-12.30: workshop on intercultural competence

A1 (S. Alessandro) H. 16-19: Plenary meeting of the project

It is necessary to contact Elena Landone (elena.landone@unimi.it) in advance for security reasons.

08 June 2021
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