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The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures came into being on 27th April 2012 with the merging of two former Departments, Scienze del Linguaggio e Letterature Straniere Comparate and Studi Linguistici, Letterari e Filologici dell’Europa orientale e centro-settentrionale.

Scientific Research:

The lines of research pertaining to the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures are centered on the following areas:

  • synchronic, diachronic and applied linguistics
  • literature (literary history and criticism)
  • the teaching of foreign languages, literatures and cultures
  • Germanic, Romance and Slavic philology
  • translation studies 
  • comparative studies

For internal organizational purposes, the Department is made up of five branches:

  • English Studies (ssd L-LIN/02, L-LIN/10, L-LIN/11, L-LIN/12, L-FIL-LET/15)
  • French Studies (ssd L-LIN/02, L-LIN/03, L-LIN/04, L-FIL-LET/09)
  • German and Scandinavian Studies (ssd L-LIN/02, L-LIN/13, L-LIN/14; L-LIN/15, L-FIL-LET/15)
  • Spanish and Spanish American Studies (ssd L-LIN/02, L-LIN/05, L-LIN/06, L-LIN/07, L-LIN/08, L-LIN/09, L-FIL-LET/09)
  • Slavonic Studies (ssd L-LIN/02, L-LIN/21)

Teaching Offer:

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures is responsible for the following programmes:

  • The three-year BA Programme in Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • The two-year MA Programme in European and Extra-European Languages and Literatures

It is also co-responsible for all the BA and MA programmes taught under the aegis of the Faculty of Humanities and of the School of Linguistic and Cultural Mediation Sciences.

The Department also promotes post-graduate courses in Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures for the doctoral school Humanae Litterae. Finally, it organizes and manages training courses for prospective school teachers of foreign languages and literatures.

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